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 Multiple Tray Ping 1.11 - Freeware
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Multiple Tray Ping is a easy to use ping monitoring program for Windows NT and Windows 9x*. It allows you to test the response of a remote hosts at set intervals using ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol).

You can have multiple pings active at the same time and their status is indicated by a traffic light icon in the system tray. Each host can be configured to have it's own settings specifying ping frequency, ip address, packet SIZE and timeout etc.

Please see the online documentation for version information.

*Early versions of Windows 95 may require winsock (networking bolt on) from Microsoft.

For previous versions:  1.10  1.09  1.08  1.07  1.06  1.05  1.04.

 TraceRoute 1.01 - Freeware
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This is a simple trace route program to determine the route taken to a destination by sending ICMP echo packets with varying time-to-live (TTL) values to the destination.

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